Identify Your Body Type With 100% Accuracy: Kibbe Body Type Test

Are you aware of your body type? Here, we’d like to share an alternative method to the usual categorization (hourglass, circle, inverted triangle, pear, and rectangle).

David Kibbe, an image consultant, developed a new system for classifying body types. Kibbe’s body type test is more in keeping with the style essences theory than the conventional body form theory, which places more emphasis on establishing balance and symmetry.

What Delineated The Kibbe Body Types Test?

The feminine and male energies are central to the yin-yang theory. Additionally, every Kibbe variety can be a contrast or a blend. Before taking the Kibbe Body Type Test, let’s take a closer look at the Kibbe body types to understand better what makes up each.

5 Kibbe Body Types

#1: Romantic Type

body shape

The pure romantic (R) and the theatrical romantic body types are two separate subgroups of the romantic family (TR).

Pure Romantic Type

This body type is quite a yin. A romantic body type has more rounded features.

  • Shorter arms and legs are some distinguishing characteristics.
  • The margins of the shoulders are rounded and sloppy.
  • Rich, full, and seductive facial features (rounded), large, brilliant eyes, large lips, and cheek flesh.

Theatrical Romantic Type

This leans heavily toward an extreme yin with some yang characteristics.

  • The physique is delicate and little. A soft facial structure is part of this.
  • Height ranges from moderate to tiny, usually 5.5 feet or less.
  • Soft and luscious features make up the face. Large, brilliant eyes.

#2: Dramatic Type

Sharp yang, the total mix of a powerful, sharp physicality, a calm demeanor, and charismatic power, defines the dramatic body types.

  • The shoulders are straight, and the arms and legs are lengthy.
  • When someone is overweight, the upper thighs and hips tend to carry the bulk rather than the upper body.
  • Straight, elegant facial characteristics include small, almond-shaped eyes.

#3: Naturals Type

The Natural body type is characterized by gentle yang. And it combines a youthful, open temperament with a physically slightly broad and angular appearance.

  • The kind is blunt-edged yang. These people have tall, broad appearances.
  • Height ranges from average to slightly over average, up to 5.8 feet. The bone structure is an extended vertical line.
  • Facial features are rather broad, blunt, or uneven. It includes straight, slightly thin lips, little wide features, and taut cheeks.

#4: Classics Type

 The classic body type exhibits balance all over the body. With no extremes, it flawlessly balances the yin and yang characteristics.

  • This type of person appears symmetrical.
  • Typically, people are between 5.4 and 5.7 feet tall.
  • The bone structure is slightly straight and angular.

#5: Gamines Type

 Gamine is a yin and yang mixture. It indicates that a robust yin or strong yang is the deciding variable.

  • Straight, thin, lean body shape with a tendency toward sinewy muscles.
  • Large eyes and small lips are examples of facial traits.

Finally, you must complete the Kibbe Body Type Test to see which of the five Kibbe body types that best describes you.

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